What is Liquid Vape? Also, know the type and content

Well, even though vaping is very popular, there are still people who don’t know what liquid is. If any of you fail or often fail to quit smoking, then the easiest and safest alternative is vaping. Start with a liquid freebase with low nicotine. You can also directly buy a full package for vaping, starting from the device, coils & pods, liquid, etc. on this website.

In order to avoid misinterpretation, let’s look at the explanation below about what a liquid is, the types of liquids, and their contents.

What is Liquid Vape?

Liquid Vape or often called vapor juice, e-juice, vape juice, e-liquid or liquid pod is a liquid that is the main ingredient in vaping activities that comes with a wide selection of flavors, and aromas, to different nicotine levels.

For taste, liquid comes with many choices, for example, juicy liquid which is synonymous with fresh flavors such as strawberries, apples, bananas, mangoes, grapes, and other types of fruits. As for liquid creamy, it is more synonymous with sweet tastes such as chocolate, cake, cereal, coffee, tea, and many more. Even now available liquid that combines between 2 to 3 flavors can be enjoyed at once.

Types of Liquid

In the world of vaping, there are two types of liquid known, namely Freebase and Salt Nicotine. Both of these liquids have their own characteristics ranging from taste, and aroma, to the level of nicotine used.

1. Freebase Type

Freebase is a type of liquid that produces more vapor, tastes denser, and feels very good in the mouth. This type of liquid uses nicotine in low levels. More suitable for use with Vape Mod types.

Meanwhile, Vape Mod is a vape device that has a larger size and is often used for freebase liquid types with nicotine levels ranging from 3-12 ml with more vapor results.

2. Types of Salt Nicotine

The opposite of liquid freebase, Salt Nicotine is a type of liquid with a higher nicotine content but produces less vapor. This type of liquid is more suitable for those who have just switched to vaping or are newbies. The steam is very smooth and does not irritate the throat.

Salt Nicotine itself is usually used for the type of Vape Pod that uses cartridges. This vape device has a smaller size and is used for liquids with high nicotine levels ranging from 10-100 ml. The nicotine taste is more concentrated and the TH is louder than Vape Mod.

Ingredients in Liquid Vape

Different from tobacco cigarettes that run out once, vapes or e-cigarettes can be used up too many times. The vape itself consists of a battery, cartridge, and liquid or special liquid vape. Inside the cartridge, the liquid will be heated to produce steam which will be inhaled.

The liquid itself consists of several special ingredients. Well, for those of you who don’t know the content of the liquid. Here are some of the ingredients contained in the liquid on the vape:


Nicotine is an addictive substance that is used as the main ingredient in vaping liquids. Generally, the nicotine content used in vaping is lower than in cigarettes. But there are also those who use nicotine in higher levels than cigarettes.


Glycerin or by another name Vegetable Glycerin is an ingredient used in vaping liquids and comes from plants. Usually, this ingredient is used as an additive in the manufacture of medicinal or food products to give it a sweet taste.

This material has almost the same function as Propylene Glycol, namely to produce steam or smoke. However, because the glycerin compound is thinner, the steam produced is less and less thick.

Carbon Compound

There are at least four carbon compounds used in vaping vapors, namely acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, glycidol, and acrolein. These compounds can cause side effects on health when used in the long term.

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are organic compounds used in vaping to produce steam. One type of VOC used in vaping liquid is Propylene Glycol. Where this compound has volatile properties so it is widely used in liquid products.

Flavoring Substance

There are more than 7,000 flavors offered in liquid products and they are very diverse, ranging from fruit, creamy, mint, coffee, and many more. One of the flavoring ingredients that is also widely used in vape products is Diacetyl, a flavoring that is often used for caramel and butter.

Tips for Choosing Liquid or Vape Liquid

Choosing liquid or vape liquid is also not arbitrary. There are some tips for you newbies who are still confused about choosing the right liquid to use:

  • Know first the type of liquid, do you want to use freebase or salt nicotine? Because they both have different characteristics and tastes.
  • Must know how much nicotine and other ingredients are used so as not to be surprised after using it.
  • Choose the liquid flavor that you like the most, if you want to try a new sensation you can choose a liquid that combines 2 or 3 flavors at once.