Why choose a custom guitar?

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Most people assume they are free to choose. That they have their own will and that this does not influence them by others. A nice thought, but in our opinion, this is not quite right. It is possible, but we hope not. Why not? Because after reading this blog, you no longer have a choice. Not a guitar from the shop made for the masses, but a guitar made for your body and for your needs. You will make your wildest dreams come true when you purchase this guitar and that’s totally fine, that’s even wonderful. We actually want you to do this, which is why in this blog we will tell you all you need to know so that you are convinced of the usefulness of such a guitar. Come, then let’s get started together soon. 


First, the versatility. If you choose a custom guitar then you can go in any direction. Do you want an acoustic archtop guitar? Fine, can be arranged! Want something else? Fine, we’ll do it. Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy. But you should know that you will have to map out your wishes carefully. One cannot start work before being ignorant of your requirements as a customer. Therefore, start by finding out what you actually want and how this is expressed in a guitar; very important. Do some research first, then come back to put together the ideal guitar for you! 


Besides that, Scharpach guitars has the reputation like no other guitar maker has. This is not without any reason. In fact, there are more reasons to choose Scharpach as a custom guitar maker than there are reasons to not choose them. Why is that? Because there are no reasons to not choose them, and there are plenty of reasons to do. They are simply the best in the game and it is impossible to not recognise this. 


Then the results. The results of choosing a custom guitar don’t lie; if you can play a little guitar, your playing will already improve immensely. Stop thinking of the guitar as a mere instrument, but as an extension of your arm and your passion for music. This is a nice thought and we agree, but it doesn’t stop there; it becomes a reality if you choose to keep building en custom guitar. Try it and you will not be disappointed. Good luck and enjoy!