This is the only all-Hawaiian luau in Hawaii. This is a glance.

LAIE, Hawaii – A light song stuffed the air as the hula dancers gracefully took the phase for the future overall performance of the Ali‘i Lu‘au ‘Onipa‘a at the Polynesian Cultural Heart in Laie, Oahu. However, rather than sporting a traditional hula skirt – they were dressed in Victorian-period robes.

Everyone’s eyes were drawn to 1 performer in a regal black robe with lace and intricate beadwork along the bodice and sleeves.

This dress was made to glance like the famed robe that Queen Lili‘uokalani wore to the Jubilee Celebration of Queen Victoria in London in 1887, which she attended as a princess and direct heir to the throne of Hawaii with her sister-in-law, Queen Kapi‘olani. 

An image of Queen Liliu‘okalani wearing the famous black ribbon gown for the Queen's Jubilee in London, 1887.

The song playing was prepared by Queen Lili‘uokalani herself for the royal occasion.

Released in 2022, the luau at the PCC – Hawaii’s best compensated customer attraction – forgoes the fireplace-dancing and other Pan-Pacific performances you’d usually see at a modern day luau, which reflects the multicultural culture of modern-day Hawaii via tune, foods and dance.

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