Things You Should Know Before Watching the CW’s Stargirl Show

The Stargirl Show is a live-action / animated series based on the characters and stories from DC’s Stargirl comics. The show focuses on high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she takes up her stepfather’s mantle and becomes the second generation of Star-Spangled Kid and Stargirl. Although she has powers, she has trouble controlling them at first. This show has a lot of potential to be a great positive influence on young fans. Here are some things you should know before watching the Stargirl show.

The Stargirl Show Does Not Replace the Comics

Although the show is based on DC’s comic series about Stargirl, there are important differences between the two that should be noted. For example, the show’s character of Courtney Whitmore is a sophomore in high school, whereas the comic series’ Stargirl is a college freshman. Also, although the show and comics feature the same characters, they are not exactly alike. The TV show focuses on Courtney’s relationship with her stepfather Pat as she becomes Stargirl. The comics feature Stargirl’s relationship with her younger brother, Pat Junior. The show might be based on the comic series. However, it has its own unique story to tell.

The Stargirl Show Addresses Relevant Issues in a Positive Way

When creating their comic series, one of DC’s goals was to positively make sure that stories dealt with relevant issues. The show deals with that important issue realistically and compassionately as Courtney understands why her mom remarried so quickly after losing her husband and how that helped Pat become a better person. Another example of the show positively utilizing relevant issues is when Courtney, having trouble controlling her abilities, goes to therapy. This show approaches the issue of therapy positively by showing it as an opportunity for growth rather than something to be feared or withdrawn from. These issues, and others, are handled in a positive way that many children can benefit from.

Stargirl’s Personality and Powers Are Different From Her Comic Book Counterpart

Courtney Whitmore, in the Stargirl show created by Geoff Johns is portrayed to be a young girl who loves being a superhero rather than the college freshman Courtney from the comics who was initially reluctant to take up Starman’s mantle. In addition, Stargirl’s abilities differ between both media platforms in the comics. She wears a cosmic staff that gives her the ability to fly. She uses technology that allows her to have similar abilities in the show.

In conclusion, The Stargirl Show is a good show to watch. This is because it can be a positive influence on viewers. The show will also give you an inside look into the world of superheroes and how friends can come together in times of need. The Stargirl Show, at its core, is about family and friends coming together to solve problems and help one another. This show has a lot of potential for showing viewers how to be good friends and approach tough issues compassionately.