The tunes of our youth

Male Trammell Jr. and Amy Miller

Guy Trammell Jr. and Amy Miller

This column seems each other week in Foster’s Each day Democrat and the Tuskegee News. This 7 days, in recognition of the year, Guy Trammell, an African American guy from Tuskegee, Ala., and Amy Miller, a white woman from South Berwick, Maine, publish about the tunes of their youth.

By Guy Trammell Jr.

Who made additional No. 1 tracks than the Beach front Boys, Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Elvis put together? Retain studying for the response.

I adopted these groups in childhood by means of Ed Sullivan and other tv courses, but my introduction to music was in Sunday Faculty and listening to Tuskegee Institute’s Golden Voices choir. I was greeted often by the choir director, Dr. William L. Dawson, at the Institute put up business. A renowned composer, he was very best know for transcribing the spirituals, or Negro music, from the plantations. He also done summer symphonies in Europe while his wife purchased the newest Paris fashions for her keep, the Petite Bazaar, in our Village of Greenwood.