Maintaining your Violin: How to Store your Electric Violin

In music practice sessions, you don’t get to use your musical instrument all the time. During these times, you will have to make sure that you keep your instruments safe. If you are playing electric violins, it is expected that you maintain the quality and shape of your electric violin instrument. A lot of people fail to realize that electric violins are delicate instruments that require basic care. Whether you are actively playing them or not, you have to ensure that you take some precautionary measures to safely store your electric violin instrument.

Tips on how to store your electric violin

If you are having a hard time maintaining your electric violin, this discussion is for you. Here are the different ways and tips on how you can effectively maintain and store your instrument:

Have a bag or hard case for your instrument

During practice sessions, there are times when you are holding your electric violin and there are times when you are not. One way to maintain the excellent quality of your instrument is by having a bag or having a hard case where you can safely store your instrument whenever you are not using them. Do not just leave it anywhere you like because there might be some external factors that would affect the quality and shape of your electric violin. Putting it in a bag or a hard case will serve as an extra layer of protection for your musical instrument.

Clean your instrument after use

Even if you own the best electric violin in the world, failing to clean your instrument after use will still destroy it very easily. Always keep in mind that dirt is your instrument’s number one enemy. Dirt is the most significant reason why electric violins lose their high-quality producing sound. This is why dirt is considered to be an opponent of musical instruments. However, by regularly cleaning your musical instrument, especially after use, you can ensure that there will be no build-up of destructive factors on your electric violin.

Keep it away from extreme heat or cold

Temperature is one of the external factors that highly affect the quality and shape of electric violins. Make sure that you keep your instruments away from extremely hot environments or extremely cold places. If you are not yet aware, extreme heat or cold can easily make your instrument fragile. Failing to do so will slowly destroy the quality of your violin and it will gradually decline from having good shape.

Always check the instrument even if you’re not using it

Anticipation is also the key to helping your instrument survive from factors that can greatly affect its quality. Always remember to check your instruments even if you are not even using them. Consequently, it can help you avoid problems with your instruments before they even arise in the first place.


All in all, we can confidently say that electric violins are your most precious possession as a musician. Your musical instruments are the reason why you can play excellently during a performance. There are so many things that your electric violin can offer you. On the other hand, the only thing that you can give for your electric violin instrument is to maintain its great quality and store it in a safe place. Always remember that if you fail to do at least some basic care for your instrument, it will significantly affect your performance in the long run. Don’t wait until your electric violin is destroyed. Even if you don’t see it physically, musical instruments can slowly deteriorate if you don’t store them safely.