How to use modular synths to make ambient tunes

Modular synths are handy for numerous genres of songs, but potentially none far more so than ambient. The character of modular indicates there are extensive swathes of resources and alternatives for making all the things from refined evolving soundscapes and drones, to generative melodies. 

There are sequencers that can be applied to develop evolving pitched patterns, sound  resources for each individual timbre imaginable and all the utilities to regulate almost everything. A lot of ambient audio has subtler components this kind of as drones that can shift and warp about time and for these items, modular really is the most effective device, as utilizing modulation sources to handle VCAs makes it possible for you to established up a close to limitless piece of new music. Lay melodic strains about this with a more conventional sequence but even then they have the potential to adapt the output of pitches and triggers to create complex and shifting strains. Modular is the way ahead for all this and a lot more.