E book of Boba Fett Episode 4 Musical Tease: Mandalorian Coming?

Boba Fett's armor and weapons.

Boba Fett is healed and ready to go to war.
Picture: Lucasfilm

Star Wars demonstrates are commonly incredibly secretive about what is coming in the long run. Even so, the most recent episode of The Book of Boba Fett gave its audience as apparent a clue as 1 can listen to. It took place at the end of the fourth episode, “The Gathering Storm,” which usually means we’re going to have to communicate spoilers.

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Right after Boba Fett and Fennic Shand strike an uneasy truce with the other crime family members of Mos Espa, the pair concur that it’s time to prepare for war with the Pyke criminal offense syndicate. Fennic asks Boba how substantially treasure they have, to which he replies he has plenty of credits. What he’s quick on is muscle mass. “Credits can invest in muscle,” Fennic claims. “If you know where by to glimpse.” And as Fennic turns absent, you hear it. At the 43:40 mark, the unmistakable bass recorder of composer Ludwig Göransson’s theme for The Mandalorian. It plays for about seven or 8 seconds prior to beginning to mix back again into Joseph Shirley’s rating, then the episode cuts to credits.

Now, this is all relatively clear, sure? Boba and Fennic have to have muscle mass. They have dollars. The new music of a well-known gun-for-use they are welcoming with plays. We see the place every person is heading with this. The Mandalorian, Din Djarin, is virtually certainly showing again up on Tatooine later this period to enable Boba and Fennic battle the Pykes.

If that’s the scenario, the shift helps make perception on two amounts. First, on a fundamental “We want muscle” degree, Mando is a great warrior with lots of connections. Connections like, hypothetically, Cobb Vanth—who is also on Tatooine all-around this time. He’d be an asset in any kind of fight. Then there is the much larger Disney+ Star Wars amount. The E book of Boba Fett’s main tale takes position just after The Mandalorian time two (though this episode’s flashbacks specifically crossed above with season a person). That means Mando is out there with no Grogu. What is his purpose? Possibly a job with a several buddies presents the character some time for sufficient Grogu separation that, in period 3, the tale can get started to logically perform towards a reunion just after Luke has experienced time with the young Jedi. On the other hand, would Mando continue to have the Darksaber? And if so, is that a reveal of matters to arrive? Could he give Ahsoka a contact?

Fundamentally, we’re rather positive Mando is going to display up on The Reserve of Boba Fett soon. And if he does, it is heading to act as really a tease for what could be next for his tale. Did you pick up on the tunes on the very first observe? Do you consider Mando is exhibiting up? Enable us know beneath.

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