Dr. Strange Records 30th Anniversary Show at the Glass House

Dr. Strange Records 30th Anniversary Show at the Glass House

It was a double celebration at the Glass House in Pomona, California for Dr. Strange Records on Friday, October 22nd. Not only was the record company celebrating their 30th anniversary but also the release of Voodoo Glow Skulls’ latest album entitled Livin’ The Apocalypse.


The night began with the new norm of health and safety checks at the entrance in which guests must show proof of vaccinations or negative tests in order to enter the venue. Immediately upon entry, your eyes are directed to the illuminated stage as it was the only area with bright lighting. Throughout the edges of the venue and the upstairs balcony, guests were able to shop from vendors who sold shirts, stickers, and other music merchandise.


Thee Azmatics opened the show with their high-energy punk rock performance. The band hyped the crowd with their songs “Poser Pop” and “Police 911.” Next followed Los Kung Fu Monkeys, a ska-punk band from Tijuana, Mexico. The Spanglish ska group was joined by their long-time friend Paco on stage for their song “Una Y Otra Vez” which had the crowd moving and dancing.


Before the next band took the stage, Bill from Dr. Strange Records hosted a California Reaper One Chip Challenge in which a volunteer from the crowd climbed on stage to face the challenge in exchange for a free shirt. The crowd was stunned as the volunteer successfully ate one of the hottest chips in the world without hesitation.


Following the insane stunt was punk rock band Dead Fucking Last, also known as DFL. Mosh pits were quick to form succeeding the intense energy from “Proud To Be DFL.” The groups’ fast-paced music pumped everyone up and had the crowd singing along to “Lost Cause.”


Left Alone performed their mix of ska and punk music and continued to hype the crowd with their upbeat songs. The band treated fans with a special trumpet solo from Eddie Cervantes. Though D.I. was unable to perform at the event, The Radolescents took their place and blew the roof with their rage-filled performance. The crowd was quick to form a giant mosh pit and shouted along to “Kids of The Black Hole.”



After a heartfelt “thank you” from Billy of Dr. Strange Records followed Voodoo Glow Skulls. The crowd cheered as the band stormed the stage with the lead singer Efrem Martinez-Schulz wearing a luchador mask and pancho. Schulz greeted fans as he sang within the audience, including between the mosh pit. The band closed the night with their “Unity Song” and were joined on stage by their mascot Voodoo Man. All in all, it was a night to remember as it was filled with great music and incredible performances from every single band.


Dr. Strange Records 30th Anniversary Show at the Glass House