9 Amazon Deals on Cat Toys to Shop Now

No matter their age, play time is important for cats’ mental and physical stimulation. 

Cat owners who want to create a happy, thriving environment for their feisty feline should consider investing in interactive toys, which can satisfy cats’ natural instincts to hunt, forage, and chase. These toys can also keep your cat active when you’re not around, potentially keeping them out of trouble (like scratching furniture instead of their cat trees out of boredom).

Amazon is packed with thousands of cool cat toys. We found nine standout deals for cat parents to check out, starting at just $6.

Amazon Deals on Cat Toys

Potaroma Flopping Fish, $13 (Save 32%)


Your kitty will go wild for the soft yet durable Patorma Flopping Fish, with its realistic wriggling and irresistible catnip scent. As your cat approaches the fish, it will start moving, grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged for hours, even when you’re not home (thanks to a built-in motion sensor). 

Along with an abundance of adorable TikTok videos, the floppy fish toy has over 27,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, with many customers raving that it’s their “cat’s favorite toy.” And it doesn’t require batteries — just recharge using the included USB charger.

Trixie Activity Fun Board Treat Dispenser Toy, $25


Food puzzles are a clever way to keep a cat’s mind and reflexes sharp. The Trixie Cat Activity Center has five hidden-treat challenges, and has racked up thousands of five-star ratings from shoppers. 

Watch your cat try to catch, eat, and play with treats, dry food, or small toys scattered over the activity center. Clear globes appeal to your cat’s digging instinct, and pegs, alleyways, and indents will encourage them to hunt. With its non-slip rubber feet, it should stay upright no matter how excited your cat gets.

“Excellent product. This is well made and all three of our cats love ‘solving’ the puzzles to get treats,” wrote one customer. They added, “It’s sturdy and durable and easy to store away when not in use.”

PetSafe Bolt Automatic Laser Cat Toy, $22 (Save 19%)


This pet-safe laser toy moves in unpredictable patterns that will get your cat’s attention. It has two modes to choose from, and you can adjust the mirror to aim the laser across a variety of surfaces. With automatic mode, your cat can chase lasers hands-free for 15 minutes, and you can pick up the toy and treat it like a laser pointer in manual mode for a more hands-on approach. Whichever route you choose, your cat gets plenty of exercise, which can reduce destructive behavior.

Thousands of pet owners have praised the laser sharing that it has kept their cats “busy and happy for hours.” One shopper said the laser was “the best purchase” they’ve made on Amazon to date. 

Head to Amazon for tons of cat toys for your feline and keep scrolling to see the rest of our top picks. 

OurPets Play-N-Squeak Real Birds Interactive Cat Toy, $6 (Save 60%)


Agym 60-Pack Spring Coils Cat Toy, $7 (Save 30%)


Migipaws Interactive Automatic 7 Holes Mice Whack-A-Mole Cat Toy, $29 (Save 27%)


Sofolor Motion Activate Ball Cat Toy, $17 (Save 20%)


Mewtogo Hanging Door Cat Toy, $13 (Save 19%)


Potaroma 3-in-1 Interactive Cat Toy, (Save 20%)


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