5 Factors that Determines How Easy it is to Learn an Instrument

Picking a new talent into something is always exciting. Especially now a lot of us spend more time at home with family.

Finding a hobby and diverting your attention and focus should be fun. But is it always? Well, the process of learning to play an instrument may take quite some time and dedication before reaping the benefits.

I know everybody wants to take short amount of time as possible to be good at playing any instrument. So, I am going to share some factors that will determine how easy and fast you are going to learn an instrument.

1.  Your music accessories

The first thing you need to have is the right music accessories.

Some of the accessories to have are;

  • The instrument
  • Good recording audio device
  • Audio transducers
  • Notepads or notebooks to record and keep track of your progress.

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A good set of music gadgets and other accessories will set you up for a good start.

2.  The type of instrument

How fast and easy is it to learn an instrument will depend on the type of instrument you’re trying to learn.

There are some instruments that will take you a couple of weeks or months while for others it will take you a few months just to learn the basics.

A Ukelele for example can take you a very short time to learn but for a violin just understanding how the instrument should be rested and getting it right may take some time.

Again, this is not the only determiner of how fast you can learn an instrument, other factors such as the amount of time you put into practice also play a role.

3.  Previous skills

If you have a background in playing piano you should be able to pick up playing the piano at a professional level quite fast.

It will also take a shorter time for a person with polished skills on one instrument to transition and play an instrument that requires a similar skill set.

For example, a pianist will take a shorter time to learn how to play a keyboard.

However, this does not mean that it works for all instruments. If you are transitioning from playing the violin to playing the piano it is going to be quite a task because they require a different skill set.

4.  Passion

Have you ever had a musician play and you can feel their energy just from listening to them? Yes, that is passion.

It is very common to see people quit their corporate jobs to pursue a passion for music and other sorts of creativity.

Passion is equally as important when it comes to learning an instrument. Passion is the driving force that will make you do regular practices, polish your skills and be excellent at it.

The urge to learn is what will make learning the instrument easy.

5.  Time put into practice

Another factor that will determine whether learning an instrument will be easier is the time put into practice.

I understand that for some people playing an instrument is meant for recreation thus limited amount of time is put into practice. However, those after professionalism in the music industry will put more time and effort into learning.

The more time you put into regular and consistent practice the faster and easier it will be for you to learn that instrument.

6.  Self-taught vs Working with an instructor

It is easier and much faster to learn an instrument when working with an instructor rather than learning it on your own.

An instrustor has enough knowledge and will provide the needed guidance which will inturn make your learning easy.

Working alone will mean you learn through mistakes and errors and you may have to do a lot of research and tutorials.


The bottomline of all these is to have fun. Whatever instrument you choose to play does not matter, it may take longer than expected but it is the fun and happiness that trully matters.